Notes on an article from the Danish Newspaper:


The newspaper report states that an investigation was carried out on the blood samples taken from six swimmers who had spent two hours in a public pool treated with “POOL CHLORINE”

Their blood samples held approximately 50 ppm of chloroform immediately after getting out of the water. Twenty four hours later, these swimmers still had chloroform in their blood. Normally, blood should contain no trace of chloroform.

The report did not blame the actual chlorine for these results, but concluded that it was the chlorine compounds – including  chloramines”  – at the surface and in the air just above the water, which when inhaled by swimmers, caused the possibility of these compounds being absorbed through the skin was also mentioned.

The BAD news – Is that U.S. Investigations have demonstrated that chloroform is carcinogenic and teratogenic.

  • Te-rat-o-gen [n]. An agent, as a chemical, disease, etc. That causes malfunction of a fetus – te-rat-o-genic
  • Car-cin-o-gen [n].  Any substance that produces cancer – car-cin-o-gen-ic.

The GOOD  news – The Salt Chlorinator Cell is Here!

Is that a salt -water sanitizer will eliminate any chloramines as the pool water passes through an in-line electrolytic
cell”.  When the pool is run for the appropriate number of hours per day, the pool filter pump will push all the water in the pool or spa through the in-line cell at least once, and in doing so sanitizes and oxidizes the water producing chloramines-free water. The electrolytic process subjects the water to a condition of “shock sterilization” as it passes through the in-line electrolytic cell, thus eliminating the periodic need to “shock’ the pool water or the need for algaecides.

The result is crystal clear, healthy water with a good feel and a sparkle that won’t be achieved with other pool water treatment methods.  Also many people who suffered from allergies from “pool chlorine” are now able to swim without discomfort.