Why use Sun-Chlor Salt Water Chlorination?

Every swimming pool requires sanitation and filtration to control the growth of bacteria and algae. It is widely recognized that adding a small amount of chlorine or pool chlorine tablets weekly is the best way to sanitize your pool. There are numerous methods to chlorinate your pool. However, none make swimming pool maintenance quite as simple as “salt water chlorination”. The Sun-Chlor solar salt water system is designed to electronically generate the correct amount of chlorine.

FACT: The Human Body Prefers Salt Water Pools

The reason people comment on the beautiful silky feeling of salt water pool is directly related to the salinity of the water, and that of the human body. In fact, some people can’t tell that there is chlorine in the water at all. It is known that the salinity of the human body is about 45 00PPM (parts per million). If the human body is placed in fresh water, osmosis occurs through our skin and eye membranes, which is irritating to say the least. The effect of this is greatly decreased in salt water because the osmosis effect through our biological membrane is greatly reduced as a result of the salinity levels being closer to our own natural levels.

Purity through the Power of Electrolysis

Sun-Chlor Solar Salt Water Chlorine Generator is an alternative means of sanitizing your pool using the process of electrolysis. The electrolysis process is achieved by passing the salt water through an electrode which converts the salt in the water into chlorine gas which when dissolved in the water become Sodium Hypo Chloride (liquid chlorine). So you can in fact produce your own chlorine to sanitize your pool.

  • Free chlorine all day long
  • Energy saving chlorine system
  • Reduces swimming pool maintenance
  • No installation cost
  • Even works in cloudy weather
  • Installs in 3 easy steps
  • ​Cheaper than in-line chlorinators

With Sun-Chlor solar-powered salt chlorinator, pool water not only looks better, it feels better!

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  • NO chlorine smell, taste or feel
  • NO red eyes, dry skin or green hair
  • ​NO residue or by-products
  • ​NO chlorine spill or leaks
  • NO algae
  • NO handling or transporting chlorine
  • ​NO hazardus chlorine or pool chlorine tablets being exposed to kids
    or pets